Our Owner and Founder since 2008Erin Mueller, M.S., CCC-SLP/L

Founder and CEO of Mueller Pediatric Therapy, Ltd. & Speech-Language Pathologist

Erin graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2003 and a Master of Science degree in 2005. Since 2005, Erin has been a credentialed Illinois Early Intervention Specialist which allowed her to provide speech-language assessments and treatment to children 0-3 years of age who were participating in the Illinois Early Intervention program. Her passion for working with children and their families blossomed during her final clinical placement in her Graduate program. Since stepping foot off of the stage with her Masters Degree in hand, Erin has been deeply invested in working with the pediatric population.  Mueller Pediatric Therapy (MPT) was founded in 2008 and initially was a small business ran out of Erin's home! Fast forward, and MPT is getting ready to move into their new clinic in East Peoria, IL in May 2020.  Over the years, Erin has dedicated her entire career to build a pediatric therapy practice that values the importance of helping children succeed by working closely with their families.  As a parent of neurodiverse child, her intensity only has deepened over the years to continue to help as many families as her team can while delivering exceptional services. Although, Erin has currently taken a step back from practicing (after 15 years) as a Speech-Language Pathologist, she remains 100% the owner and operater of Mueller Pediatric Therapy in a full-time capacity. Her areas of special interest are Autism Spectrum Disorder, Augmentative/Alternative Communication, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Oral-Motor, Language Disorders, and Phonological/Articulation Disorders.  In her free time, Erin enjoys traveling  to Florida with her husband and their 4 children!


Our Director of Therapy

Vicky Jordan, M.S., CCC-SLP/L

Clinical Director of Therapy, Feeding Supervisor, and Speech-Language Pathologist
Vicky graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1985 and a Masters in
Communication Disorders from California State University, Northridge in 1989. Vicky has
worked in the pediatric populations for more than 28 years in a variety of settings including
public schools, private practice, early intervention and a pediatric rehabilitation center. Her areas
of special interest are Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Oral-Motor, Developmental Speech and
Language Delay, Feeding Therapy, and Early Intervention services for at risk children and their
families. Vicky enjoys working with clients, parents, and colleagues to ensure that children have
the best possible opportunity to overcome their speech and language challenges. Vicky Lives in
Dunlap with her husband Bob. They have two amazing sons who have graduated from college
and live in Colorado and Iowa.



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See What Our Clients Think

"Amy Hopkins has been here with our family from the beginning. She made a family connection that will last a lifetime!!! Don't know what I would do without her. She didn't care that Kayden was under the table playing in dirt!"

- Erin Faw

"It is so hard to believe our last therapy is this week. We had a wonderful therapist who has done all the hard stuff for our future therapist."

- Bobbie Conover

"My six-year-old Autistic daughter has been receiving speech services from Mueller Pediatric Therapy since she was in Early Intervention. We were so pleased with Emma's work with her at the end of EI that we decided to keep her working with her. Since then, we have seen so much progress in our daughter's ability to not only talk (as she was barely talking upon entering EI) but to understand language and use it appropriately to make requests, express herself and interact with peers. The office staff has also been great in helping us navigate difficulties in dealing with our insurance provider. I recommend Mueller Pediatric Therapy to anyone I know who is looking for services to help children with delays."

- Alysia Short

"Our family has chosen Mueller Pediatric Therapy to serve our two children over the past 5 years. We've had 4 amazing therapists and great experiences with the company. We truly believe they choose the best to work and teach both children, and their families. The personal experiences and relationships we've witnessed make me proud to refer this company."

- Holly K.

"Mueller Pediatric Therapy was a great help to my son when our previous speech therapist fell short of our expectations. The owner, Erin Mueller, took a personal interest in my son’s case and assigned the therapist she felt would be the best fit for my son’s needs. Vicky jumped right in and within the first session had a diagnosis and therapy plan to go forward. We received more personalized treatment in the first month than we had in 6 months with our previous therapist. Vicky had a vast amount of experience that was evident in the way she worked with my son and the knowledge she was able to pass on to me about my son’s condition. She was so personal and easy to work with. I would recommend Vicky and Mueller Pediatric Therapy to anyone looking for a fresh start to their therapy needs."

- T.C.

"We have chosen Mueller Pediatric Therapy for all 4 of our children. Over the past 9 years we have utilized their amazing speech therapists to work with our boys while they were going through Early Invention. They have given them the skills and tools they need to jump start their speech and be able to start school with the confidence they need to succeed. They are now in 6th, 4th, and 1st grade and doing fantastic. My daughter is 4 1/2, autistic, and has been with Mueller since Early Intervention. When she started she was non-verbal, had no real interactions with others and was very withdrawn. In 2 short years she had become a totally different girl. With Mueller's speech, speech group, and OT services she has thrived. She greets people when she sees them, wants to play with others, and just over the last 3 months has started talking. I owe so much to the ladies at Mueller who have taught my kids, stood up for them, cheered them on and pushed them to become better! I would recommend them all day because without them, my children wouldn't be who they are today."

- Erin C.

"Graeme started speech services with Mueller about a year ago. The difference it has made! He speaks so much more and really enjoys time with his teacher Miss Maggie. He looks forward to his sessions. I know both Graeme and I will be sad when he is too old to continue."

- C. E.

"Erin is a very gifted and talented speech therapist. I was constantly amazed at her understanding of how sounds are formed and further amazed at her ability to accurately know which sounds my son was articulating and which sounds needed help. He constantly progressed while under her instruction. Furthermore, Erin truly cared about his development and ability to accomplish sounds. It wasn’t just a “job” to her, she cared, at a personal level, about his development. I was excited when Erin started Mueller Pediatric Therapy. The more people she could touch through her services and through her therapists, the more families that would be blessed."

- Dorine Aberle

Miss Emma (speech), Miss Jamie (previous OT), and Miss Amy (DT) have been so great with me and my son over the years. They have always had interest in what works best for us and listening to my son's cues and what he needs, how he learns best. Greyson has not always been the most willing to do things that come harder for him, but with the help from this staff, their consistent care and patient minds, he is thriving and has come leaps and bounds from where he first started. We are thankful, grateful and blessed to have these professionals in our corner. Thank you so much for all you do for us!

- Jenna Darnell

I would highly recommend my daughter's Speech Therapist, Brittany, because she was wonderful with Mackenzie. She really related to her and really connected with my child by catering to her needs, moods, and her actions on the day of her therapy session. Brittany was constantly working hard with my daughter and always made her laugh and smile. Brittany and Mackenzie had a wonderful connection of which I had never seen with any of her other therapists. Brittany has a wonderful and outgoing personality which really showed when she was working with my daughter. My daughter always looked forward to when Miss Brittany came to her house and always hated to see her leave. I would highly recommend Brittany Hoffmire to any parents looking for a speech therapist because of her awesome ability to work and relate to kids. Thank you very much Brittany for making a difference in my daughter's life and with her speech. You are one in a million. Keep up the awesome work you are doing!! Thank you!

- Nicole Berg

About Us

Mueller Pediatric Therapy, Ltd., was established by Erin Mueller, Speech-Language Pathologist, in 2008. MPT is passionate about providing quality Pediatric Therapy Services. We are the leading Pediatric Therapy Agency in Central Illinois offering a wide array of services for children ages Birth-18 years. We look forward to working with you and your child!


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